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Yoox Sale Information-CIRCA Fashion Love

Fashion Lovers, Lovers of Fashion Lovers or just Lovers I want to share some information about Yoox. Disclaimer, I am not employed by Yoox.  I started this blog to share my Love of Fashion and where to buy gorgeous items for a great low price. Lately Yoox has been the place to Buy-Low!  The buyers at Yoox are stocking up the warehouse with hard to find European brands so we can Buy It here in the US.  No worries US brands are well represented on the site.  Take the Yoox Tour via this video

I have been watching the markdown sales on Yoox closely.  The first price before any markdown is already at 50% off the suggested retail price.  The lowest price will be during the semiannual sales in April and October in which prices are marked up to 90% off (no returns allowed). I have listed the sales since April 2010.  From the list you can get an idea of how Yoox handles their sales.  According to my unscientific trending I am expecting an up to 70% markdown on the Fall-Winter collection by the end of Jan 2011. The sizes in stock are limited. I get the feeling there is only one or two of the sizes displayed in stock.  I suggest you put the item you want in your Dream box and just watch it until the price comes down. If you are lucky you can get it at 90% off.  If the item is highly coveted you should Buy It at the most comfortable price for you or another Lover will Buy It.  How will you know if the items in your Dream box are precious finds for Fashion Lovers??? Simple, just read and you will know!

Current Sale3 up to 60% off-Jan 11, 2011
Current Sale2 up to 50% off -Dec 13, 2010
Fall Promotion up to 40% off-Nov 29, 2010
Fall Promotion up to 30% off-Nov 12, 2010
Fall Promotion up to 20% off-Nov 04, 2010
Semiannual Final Sample Sale (7 days only, no returns allowed) up to 90% off-Oct 14, 2010
Sale: The End up to 85% off-Sep 24, 2010
Summer Sale up to 80% off-Sep 14, 2010
Summer Sale3 up to 70% off-Jul 26, 2010
Summer Sale3 up to 60% off-Jul 12, 2010
Summer Sale2 up to 50% off-Jun 25, 2010
Summer Sale2 up to 40% off-Jun 07, 2010
Spring Summer Promotion even more items added up to 30% off-
May 27, 2010
Spring Summer Promotion up to 30% off-May 20, 2010
Semiannual Final Sample Sale (no returns allowed) up to 90% off-
April 14, 2010

xoxoxo cca.