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On the Scene: RETNA-Art Exhibit NYC

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of RETNA an art exhibit in NYC February 10, 2011. Marquis Lewis self named RETNA is a  graffiti artist from LA, who has created his own style of artwork that is a mixture of symbols from different languages and hieroglyphics. The exhibit was organized by Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld.  They select artists, display and promote their artwork around the world.  I get the feeling the artists they select have a Kool Kid vibe.  The fashion connection here is Vladmir is the son of Carine Roitfeld and boyfriend to Giovanna Battaglia, two ladies I feature often on this blog. Yes, Vladmir is into fashion and chronicled what he wore leading up to the exhibit debut for the NY Times.

While sipping on wine and admiring the collection I had the feeling I was in a scene straight out of the Sci-Fi flick Stargate. That movie had a focus on ancient Egyptian culture and deciphering hieroglyphics which lead to opening the Stargate. My favorite piece of the exhibit is captured below, when standing in front of it you see that it is 3-dimensional but once I took a photo you can see a vertical pattern of symbols.  RETNA gives you two treats in one piece.  Much success for RETNA as pieces from the show sold upwards of $25K.
RETNA 2011
credit: cca.