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Tips for Shopping at

Okay Fashion Lovers here is some advice for shopping at

  1. Register on and make sure you get the email updates. This is the best way to know when sales are happening.
  2. Familarize yourself with via the  tutorial.
  3. Fill up your Dream box (50 max). Yoox has random sales where they will take 10-15% off items ONLY in your Dream box. 
  4. Set up a Première of items specialized just for you. 
  5. showcases tons of European brands that we never see in stores in the US. So if you are unsure about the brand checkout their website or contact me.
  6. You can return most items unless it says Final Sale. Final Sale items can be tricky, they might have small dings or scratches. In my experience with Final Sale items the dings have been very minor, fixable by a cobbler or the item has been absolutely perfect.
  7. Some brands are highly coveted so they sell really fast e.g. any Chloe or Balenciaga handbag in black or brown.
  8. If you have an item in your Dream box and it is sold don’t remove it from your Dream box yet, give it 30 days just in case the item is returned. If it is not in your Dream box you might not realized it was returned. 
  9. When you are performing a search for a brand select both seasons and search in all sale areas. If something is 90% off it might not show up in the 75% off sale. So try and search a few ways to ensure you are seeing everything.
  10. You are getting a great deal. The price point starts off at least 50% below retail.  My biggest deal on has been a Liberty for London handbag that was $1150  and I purchased it for $115 Final Sale.
  11. I haven't seen many Christian Louboutin shoes on so if you find a pair you love at a sample sale in NYC or abroad that is probably the lowest price you will find them. So don’t leave them behind.
  12. My mission at CIRCA Fashion is to share what luxe items I find for a great price, to present styling inspiration and for us to bond over Fashion. If we can't Buy It we can at least admire it together. 

Sale listing info:
Sale The End Up to an Extra 80% off-Mar 11,2011
End of Winter? Sale3 up to 75% off-Feb 16, 2011
Current Sale3 up to 70% off-Feb 01, 2011
Current Sale3 up to 60% off-Jan 11, 2011
Current Sale2 up to 50% off -Dec 13, 2010
Fall Promotion up to 40% off-Nov 29, 2010
Fall Promotion up to 30% off-Nov 12, 2010
Fall Promotion up to 20% off-Nov 04, 2010
Semiannual Final Sample Sale (7 days only, no returns allowed) up to 90% off-Oct 14, 2010
Sale: The End up to 85% off-Sep 24, 2010
Summer Sale up to 80% off-Sep 14, 2010
Summer Sale3 up to 70% off-Jul 26, 2010
Summer Sale3 up to 60% off-Jul 12, 2010
Summer Sale2 up to 50% off-Jun 25, 2010
Summer Sale2 up to 40% off-Jun 07, 2010
Spring Summer Promotion even more items added up to 30% off-May 27, 2010
Spring Summer Promotion up to 30% off-May 20, 2010
Semiannual Final Sample Sale (no returns allowed) up to 90% off-April 14, 2010

xoxoxo cca.