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Buy It: Marc By Marc Jacobs Stars Open Toe Shoes Worn by Diane Kruger at the Francophone Film Festival CIRCA Fashion

Diane Kruger attended the premiere of  "Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces" (Lily Sometimes) as a part of the 12th Annual Francophone Film Festival in Athens, Greece wearing a Prada Dress CIRCA Spring 2011 which I love. I am obsessed with stripes lately but my eyes marveled at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Stars Open Toe Shoes. Only Diane could bring in the Stars and Stripes theme with such wit!!

Ludivine Sagnier (L), Diane Kruger (M), Fabienne Berthaud(R)

Diane Kruger and Prada Spring 2011 Black and Grey Striped Short Sleeved Dress Photograph
Dare I say a chic idea for Independence Day??- Click the links for more details
Stars Galore...
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