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Go Shopping: Matthew Williamson for Macy's CIRCA Fashion

I went to check out the Matthew Williamson for Macy's collection that launched April 13, 2011 in select Macy's stores and on I have lukewarm feelings about the collection. Yes the collection had graphic patterns, vibrant colors and the youthful feel of the main Matthew Williamson collection. Yes there are some really cute dresses and rompers in the collection. But I wasn't super excited. I actually got side tracked in the Rachel Rachel Roy and Kensie section of Macy's because the fabrics and silhouettes of the Matthew Williamson line fit right in with the other designers all ready on that floor.  I am sure that was the point of placing the collection in that area. I just wanted to see something really special. I think I had the hopes of adding  something similar to the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection to my closet. Sadly, I missed out on that collection. No H&M designer collabo effect  going on at Macy's for me.   

All is not lost there were two dresses that stood out for me. This 1st dress fit my body type perfectly. I am top heavy, you know the upside down triangle.  I almost bought it and maybe I will scoop it up later ($99).

Matthew Williamson  for Macy's
The 2nd dress would flatter alot of different body types because of the stretch material. The sequins was well done and wouldn't fall off at every turn. This dress is worth the price tag-$119.
Matthew Williamson for Macy's
Head on over to your local Macy's to see  if they have the collection. Macy's is running a presale until April 27 and you will receive 25% off the collection.  I think the presale option is a good idea since this collection is not one to be marked down quickly and remember Macy's has lots of coupon restrictions. So go for it. Let me know what works for you. 

pic credit: cca.