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Go Shopping: VERSACE for H&M November 17, 2011 (Sneak Peek)

Fashion Lovers H&M has just announced their next collaboration is with VERSACE. You already know everything will be Sexy. The collection hits 300 stores worldwide November 17, 2011. I can't stop thinking about my Lanvin for H&M shopping experience in DC. I left the store with only a Men's T-Shirt. I love that T-Shirt but I wanted so much more. All those greedy shoppers bought up everything. Arrgh!

Here are some of the gems we can expect to see in stores come November. Dontella oozed down the runway in Milan for the VERSACE Menswear Show, June 2011 wearing a black leather studded dress from the VERSACE for H&M collection. She always shows you exactly how to wear her brand.

Loving that we get to see some pics from the collection so early. I see some influences CIRCA Spring 2011

I want everything!  I am recruiting shopping friends now, who is with me??

Check out Vid for more details

pic credit: H&M Press Release,cisionwire,,