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Buy It: J.Crew Garment-Dyed Cotton Stitch Sweater Worn by Julia Engel CIRCA Fashion

Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam added a pop of color to her LWD via this J.Crew Garment-Dyed Cotton Stitch Sweater. I own a boat load of sweaters, mostly from J. Crew.  I usually wear my sweaters with pencil skirts or slim fitted pants. And I don't do much layering because I am woman with a very large bosom so I dont need added bulk on my upper body, the twins dont need to appear any bigger. But I am a lil bored with my look so I am always searching for simple styling inspiration. So Thank You Julia, I might try this sweater over dress combo. 
Garment-dyed cotton stitch sweater
Shop It @J.Crew for $54.99 Neon Pink size(m)
pic credit: galmeetsglam,washingtonian