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Buy It: Balmain Military Jacket and Shiny Camouflage Leggings CIRCA Fashion 2010

Carmen Electra is wearing a Balmain look CIRCA 2010 that retailed upwards of $7800. This price point really made me question why Balmain is so expensive. I know many of you may have the same question. We have a cotton/linen jacket and cotton leggings here!  I just cant get my economy class bank account around the cost of this clothing. Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain was French and began the house of Balmain in 1945. Balmain was known for tailored suits and grand ball gowns.  I can understand $7800 for a ball gown but not for a cotton jacket and leggings. Now at the helm of Balmain is Christophe Decarnin and yes he is very talented, Balmain military style jackets and bold shoulder silhouettes influenced so much of the mass market over the last few years. Michael Jackson the trendsetter we love and miss wore Balmain military jackets for years.  

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