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Buy It: Viviana Volpicella & Roberta di Camerino Handbags CIRCA Fashion

The fashion house Roberta di Camerino was founded in 1945 by Giuliana Camerino in Venice, Italy.  Giuliana used velvet, handwoven on antique looms created according to the Venetian tradition for her handbags. In 1946 she made a bag patterned with a trellis of R's later Gucci did the same using G's. In 1957 she made woven leather bags before Bottega Veneta and in 1964 she designed an a frame bag later reproduced by Prada.  As the saying goes imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 

Garance Dore captured the lovely Viviana Volpicella during Milan Fashion week. The first thing that caught my eyes was her velvet Roberta di Camerino handbag in the classic color pattern seen in designs from the 1950s.  You just don't see these bags often but insiders know that Roberta di Camerino bags were the "IT" bags of their day.  
Viviana Volpicella

@Yoox for $122

Currently Giorgia Scarpa is the creative director of the fashion house.  She has infused a modern youthful flair into Roberta di Camerino. Take a closer look
@Yoox for $1650 (azure,orange)

@Yoox for $1290 (blue, garnet, ivory)
@Yoox for $1690 (brown, dark blue)

Credit: garance dore